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Surf's up on Cabarete Bay!
Read about windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding & wind/wave conditions.

Cabarete is the serious vacationer's destination. It boasts an enormous, beautiful bay, one of the best in the world for the hottest new extreme sport, kiteboarding (also called kitesurfing) and windsurfing. And for surfing, it's one of the Caribbean's best spots.

The trade winds with thermals make for strong, consistent wind. The lovely, blue Caribbean waters and palm tree lines beaches are muy bonita and the wind/kitesurfing, muy excellente. The ocean view is spectacular from out on the water so take a lesson. Or if you're experienced, grab a board, sail or kite and hit the waves!

All the equipment you'll need is here for you. You can sign up for lessons for windsurfing, surfing or kiteboarding (added fee). We have a variety of boards, kites and sails from beginner to expert. Use your favorite gear or try new equip. Whether you want directional, twintip, short board or wakeboard, it's here for you with excellent instructors and support.

You can wind/kitesurf and surf in the warm water year round. June, July and August have the greatest winds: avg. 15-25mph (24-40km/h, 13-22knots) into shore. (So you don't get carried out to sea with the wind.) And leave the wetsuit at home! The water's always warm and refreshing!

Get eXtreme Kiteboarding!   Cabarete hosts the 2004 Kiteboarding World Cup in June!

Kitesurfing. Cabarete is being names the world's hottest spot for kiteboarding year round. There's hardly a month where not at least one of the top world riders is at the beach. Best of all, kiters and windsurfer have their own beaches in Cabaret. At "Kite Beach" just west of Cabarete [1.5miles/2.5 km], you'll find the perfect conditions for kiters: good winds (mostly side-on-shore) and a wide beach.

Cabarete hosted the first competition of the "World Championship Kiteboard Tour" June 1-10, 2001. The world's top kiteboarders competed here in Cabarete. Just think, you could be on the same beach as Robby Naish, Flash Austin, Anne-Laure Pegon and Max Bo.

Intro Kite lessons
The 3-day intro to kiteboarding consists of one morning of theory lesson and using a trainer kite on the beach to prepare you for the power of getting in the water with a big (7 meter +) kite.

Safety is the most important aspect of kiteboarding (that, and having fun!). So our instructors are the most experienced and professional on kite beach to get you into the sport safely. You'll never be without someone watching and helping you learn.

PRICING: Intro lesson is $340 usd. Average rental prices are $75 a day: $399 for 1 week. Depends on gear and if supervision is needed.

Wakeboarding.  To prepare you for kiting, try this...
To practice getting up on the kite board, we can take you wakeboarding one afternoon on the beautiful Yasica river in Cabarete. It will help you get up on the board during your third day of kite lessons – and it's also a helluva lot of fun!

Longboard Surfing. If your thing is bare boarding it, the best surfing waves break minutes west of Cabarete over coral reefs. Encuentro beach is one of the best places to surf in the Caribbean. This beautiful spot has a reef break with 4 miles of potected coconut groves and seagrape forests. It offers excellent surf conditions to learn or challenge experts with clean left and right breaking waves of up to 12 ft. Come rent a board from one of the surf schools any morn!

Spring or fall are the best times to surf in the DR when waves are most consistent. People come from all over the world to surf here. Surfing lessons are available from the country's top surfers. Best of all, it's the friendliest surf beach anywhere! Shaded with beautiful seagrape trees.

Playa Encuentro This excellent beach is where the Encuentro Classic Eco-Surf Competition is held in Dec. Just 6km (4miles) from Cabarete, Encuentro is fairly consistent with a clean left/right break. In winter, waves can reach up to 3-4meters (10-12ft) overhead.

Playa Grande About 45 min. west of Cabarete toward Rio San Juan, Playa Grande is the most bonita secluded white-sand beach for surfing or swimming.

Click here to find out more about surfing and the eco-foundation torotect the environment.



Cabarete bay is one of the top four in the world for windsurfing and attracts windsurfers (expert and novice) from all over the world. We offer the best, most cost effective schools and rental / storage facilities. There are easy launch areas right on the beach with constant supervision by our guides. Sail inside the reef or venture out for more waves. Windsurf sailing season is generally Jan 15 – Sept 15, but you can go year round.

PRICING: Average rental prices are $215-245 US a week: $325-375 for 2 wks. Depending on gear. Lessons ~ $28/hr. or $80/3hr

Wind & Waves
Our special wind conditions make this one of the best water sport destinations in the world. The trade winds with thermals make for strong, consistent wind.
Waves: The shorebreak at low tide is around .5m, high tide .5-1m high. The reef is about 200m out from the shore. From April to November, waves on the reef around from .5 - 2m high. From November until April, about 1.5m high. Water depth on the reef is approximately 2.5 meter in the left part of the bay and about 20cm in the right part of the bay.
: Side on shore from the right. Wind conditions are:

April - August: 15  - 27knots • Aug.– January:  8 - 18 knots • Jan – April:  10 - 22 knots

Hotels are available right at Kite Beach for anyone who wants to be close to the wind action. (see accommodations pg.)

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